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All about the mala

Rachel & Co strives to make its malas accessible as much for the followers of meditation as for those who simply seek a better balance in everyday life. The main thing in the approach surrounding the wearing of the mala is in the sincerity of the one who meditates and in the implication of its wearer to trust life.

The mala

The mala is made up of 108 stones and inserts.     A guru ball and a tassel complete the whole.   It was traditionally used to recite prayers and meditate among Buddhists.   Interest in the energy benefit of the stones that make up the mala has always existed.        

Why 108 stones

One thing is certain: there are 108 marbles that make up a mala. For the rest, there are as many interpretations of the number 108 as there are reasons to recite his mantra.   Here are the most common:

The repetition of a mantra should be done with each breath. We breathe an average of 10,800 times during the day and 10,800 times at night. Reciting a mantra would multiply its impact by 100. It is therefore for this reason that the mala has 108 marbles.

Meaning of the number 108
The "1" represents God or Unity, the "0" represents emptiness and the "8" represents infinity or eternity. This is the very essence of Mala: to create a vacuum around you to ask Life for a helping hand for the moments to come!

The Chakras represent the 7 intersections of the lines of energies crossing our body. There are 108 that converge on the Heart Chakra, which explains the importance of having 108 stones in a mala.

Activate your mala

When receiving your mala, we suggest that you establish the connection between you and the latter so that he can know your intentions regarding his role as protector and guide.   First determine the right time in your day to clear your head. Choose comfortable clothes and isolate yourself in a calm and comforting place. Light a few candles to create an environment conducive to relaxation. If desired, burn incense (or use an essential oil spray) of your favorite flavor.

Before going into meditation, take a comfortable posture, either on an armchair or in the "lotus" position on a round and firm cushion. Close your eyes and take deep, deep breaths until you are completely empty. Then take your mala in your hands and manipulate one by one the 108 stones which compose it by visualizing your expectations towards it. Remember that the more your wishes are linked to the virtues of your mala, the more likely it is to support you in achieving them.

Reset your mala

Your Mala is in constant contact with several people and environments with different vibrations.   This can have an impact over time on the virtues of your necklace. If you have the perception that your mala does not offer you as much energy, it may be time to clean it to rebalance the waves released.  

The stones of your mala must come back into contact with the primary elements to reset. There are a few methods to reset your Mala. Let your intuition guide you to the method that is most likely to work for you.

  • Get rid of the negative waves by placing it under the gaze of the moon and the stars on a mild night.
  • Recharge the vibrations of your mala by placing it under the sun for a few hours. Take care not to leave it too long: the decorative elements of your necklace could lose their shine.
  • Repel bad energies by placing your mala near an infusion or incense of dried sage.
  • Clean gently with a little water from the sea or better, from the ocean. There is no need to completely moisten the fabric. Remember to pay close attention to the decorative elements so as not to alter their colors.
  • Your mala feeds on vibrations. Put him in touch with music or your favorite songs to recharge his energies.
  • Element of the earth, you can also store your malas together or with other semi-precious stones that are important to you. The stones will recharge between them.

Once you've reset your mala, it's time to activate it again the same way you did it the first time.