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Properties of Stones

Agate - stone of insurance

Agate is a stone that brings emotional balance. Gently, it gives us confidence and helps us to accept ourselves as we are. Very soothing, it harmonizes yin and yang. On the physical level, it promotes digestion and speech. It also acts on small eye concerns and strengthens the lungs, stomach and faith.

Amazonite - Soothing stone

Amazonite is a very soothing stone that promotes the feeling of happiness. It acts on negative thoughts by allowing us to see things from a different angle. It helps us to spontaneously experience the moment and to put into perspective what really matters. Close to turquoise, but with a more tenderness-oriented action, Amazonite calms the heart and encourages harmonious communication. It is the peace stone par excellence. On the physical level, amazonite has a favorable effect on the nervous system and acts on tensions due to stress.

Amethyst - Purifying Stone

Amethyst is a powerful stone of protection and purification. Weaning stone, it fights addictions and the effects of nervousness, anxiety and anger. It's not surprising that the amethyst would fight insomnia by promoting peaceful sleep and warding off nightmares. For many, amethyst is also linked to abundance and prosperity. Very popular with travelers, it would keep thieves away.

Aventurine - Pierre de la chance

Known to be the luckiest stone, it attracts health and prosperity to its wearer. It also helps its owner to get rid of old habits to take advantage of new opportunities that suddenly arise. Aventurine is a soft and beneficial stone that absorbs negative waves. From a physical point of view, aventurine would relieve skin problems and strengthen the immune system.

Bois de Bayong - Brings optimism

Bayong wood brings optimism, joie de vivre and dynamism in the life of its wearer. Like all types of wood, it also helps us to remain objective and not to be seduced by excessive ambitions.

Date wood - Bring patience

Date wood is known for its relaxing properties. Associated with patience and generosity, it is also used to go through change with resilience.

Rosewood - Brings intuition

Rosewood is associated with feminine beauty, intuition and compassion. It has also long been recognized for its healing power and is said to be particularly effective in strengthening the immune system and countering headaches.

Bois de Merenti - Brings anchors

Merenti wood comes from Asia, more precisely from Malaysia and Indonesia. It is frequently used as part of meditation. Like all wood species, it allows us to stay with our feet on the ground and stay focused on our priorities.

Crystal - Energetic stone

Crystal is a queen stone in lithotherapy. The ultimate healing stone, it also acts as an extremely powerful energy booster. Crystal eliminates negativity and promotes harmony. On the physical level, rock crystal strengthens the body in general, but has virtues to specifically treat back pain.

Fossil - Stone of Opportunity

The fossil is made up of shell fragments that have decomposed over millennia to become stone. They are fossilized living beings. The fossil is a stone used to reach the depths of the soul and its ancient memories. It tends to promote success in the business field by allowing a new look at the opportunities available to its wearer. Finally, the fossil promotes imagination and the ability to adapt to change. On the physical level, it has a positive impact on everything related to the evacuation of liquids, therefore the kidneys and the bladder.

Howlite - Unperturbable stone

It is an extremely calming and imperturbable stone. In a crowded environment, the howlite absorbs anger, either that of its wearer or that directed against the latter. It acts on mood swings and gets rid of all nervous tension and daily stress. It would alleviate hypersensitivity and depression. On the physical level, the howlite would facilitate weight loss during dieting and act against hot flashes.

Jade - Wisdom Stone

Jade has very resistant properties and it was, for a long time, a stone of nobility and an emblem of perfection. It is called a stone of wisdom. It brings calm, happiness and longevity. It is a concrete and positive stone which attracts good fortune and success and is ideal in business or for those who like games of chance. Finally, jade gives us back our love skills. On the physical level, it strengthens the whole organism, but more precisely the heart, the kidneys and the liver. It purifies the circulatory system and soothes headaches.

Jasper - Comfort stone

Jasper is the supreme protector. An anchor, it comforts us in difficult times by bringing serenity and balance. It helps to highlight problems before they become too big and insurmountable. On the physical level, jasper helps digestion. It would also relieve bronchitis, rheumatism, colds and the flu.

African jasper - Serenity stone

A stone of comfort, the African jasper advocates calm and relaxation. He dissolves negative energies around him to reach a high level of serenity. This stone has the property of filling a void and reassuring around it. Finally, we recognize him virtues on prosperity and success at work. On the physical level, jasper helps digestion. It would also relieve bronchitis, rheumatism, colds and the flu.

Jasper Aquaterra - Soothing stone

The aquaterra jasper is a stone that facilitates a return to calm, love and inner peace. Derived from jasper, it naturally offers a powerful protective aura to its wearer by repelling negative energies and facilitating better physical and spiritual balance. Jaspers are all stones of anchor, common sense and courage.

Jasper Impression - Healing Stone

Powerful emotional healing stone, the impression jasper soothes emotional shocks by restoring stability and confidence to its wearer. It transforms negative energies in its environment to stimulate love and compassion around it. Spreading calm and tranquility around him, the impression jasper is particularly effective in countering stress.

Jaspe Mookaite - Stone of Evolution and Change

The Mookaite jasper helps us to identify the many possibilities available to us and to channel our energies towards the achievement of our objectives. It clears our thoughts to understand the reasons that keep us from moving forward and to find the motivation to fend off fears of change. From the Jasper family, this stone of course has protective properties.

Lapiz Lazuli - Stone of Truth

Royal symbol and stone of honor, Lapiz Lazuli was one of the most popular stones with the nobility through time. It is the stone of wisdom, intuition and truth par excellence. In addition to maximizing the intellectual virtues of its wearer, it helps to solve complex problems and make the right decisions. It attracts promotions and success in the professional context and facilitates oral presentations in public. On the physical level, it is attributed beneficial properties with women to relieve pain due to menstrual cramps. Lapis Lazuli also acts as a balm for migraines.

Labradorite - Balance stone

Labradorite is a highly protective stone. It forms a barrier against negative energies and helps to banish fears and feelings of insecurity. This stone acts as a mood stabilizer. It brings balance and constancy in feelings of anxiety. On the physical level, labradorite is used to balance the disorders of the digestive system, hormonal and menstrual disorders. It is also effective in stimulating the muscular system and blood circulation.

Mother of pearl

The mother-of-pearl comes from the fossilization of shells. It is a feminine stone that invokes tenderness and maternal love. This stone is used to cover the soul with a soft veil offering security, serenity and tranquility to its wearer. It is ideal for relaxation. It promotes charm, contact and dissolves heart injuries and negative emotions. On the physical level, mother-of-pearl promotes blood and lymphatic circulation.

Tiger eye - Protection stone

Its name comes from the reflection of the stone which seems to move when viewed in movement. According to legends, the Romans went to war with a talisman fitted with this stone to protect them from injuries during battles. Even today, protection is associated with the tiger eye. It would protect against negative waves and malicious environments. It also relieves stress by promoting calm and positive thoughts. On the physical level, the tiger's eye would have benefits on the joints and would cure rheumatism, osteoarthritis and various inflammations.

Onyx - Vigor stone

Onyx is used to repel negative feelings, to increase self-confidence and to give strength to face the most difficult stages of life. The onyx increases vigor, resistance and control of one's feelings. For many, it also purifies karma by erasing decisions from the past or past lives. On the physical level, onyx is attributed with positive virtues on the five senses and more precisely on speech and hearing problems such as balance and tinnitus. Placing Onyx on a pregnant woman's stomach would reduce her pain during pregnancy and childbirth.

Lava stone - Energy stone

Coming from the quarries of volcanoes extinct for millions of years, the lava rock is full of energy. It is a symbol of fertility, endurance and strength and offers courage to its wearer. It will help you manage anger in order to express it and free yourself from it. The lava stone pushes to reflection and to the truth by exposing you without detour to your errors, your blockages and your weaknesses. Finally, it stimulates and strengthens your spiritual goal and encourages to expose the unknown by opening your horizons.

Smoky quartz - Control stone

Smoky quartz is considered to be the stone of responsibility and of refocusing its priorities. It calms too strong emotions that cloud the soul and our thoughts to better position ourselves for the future. It is used to improve concentration, to control anxieties and fears since it strengthens self-confidence. An anchor stone, smoky quartz allows us to refocus on our priorities and on what is reasonable to accomplish. From a physical point of view, it would help certain addictions such as tobacco.

Rose Quartz - Stone of Love

It is none other than the stone of the heart and of love. Rose quartz continuously propagates its sweetness in its environment. Real balm for the heart during emotional wounds, it brings calm and fullness to allow a better understanding of the situation, greater compassion and an aptitude for forgiveness. It facilitates self-confidence to exteriorize more easily and more clearly his feelings. Placed on your bedside table while you sleep, rose quartz will also bring you quality sleep by warding off nightmares and restless nights. On the physical level, rose quartz would relieve burns, promote wound healing and be beneficial to the kidneys and the circulatory system.

Rhodonite - Anti-stress stone

Stone of elegance with a pink tone, rhodonite is a balancing, protective and repairing stone. Suitable for calming stress, fighting anxiety and tackling the overflow of emotions, it strengthens self-confidence and control of situations. It opens up love and new emotional relationships by bringing tenderness and passion to its wearer. It can finally act as a broken heart balm. On the physical level, rhodonite would have a positive impact to counter joint inflammation and boost the immune system.

Sardonyx - Stone of Courage

Stone of courage, the sardonyx stone is a stone of action. It increases self-confidence and confidence in the wearer. The sardonyx also transforms negative emotions into positive emotions. This stone will therefore bring you luck, stability and happiness in your personal and professional relationships. Partially composed of onyx, sardonyx stone also has strong protective properties. It will strengthen vigor and general endurance to counter depression, among other things. It is said to have beneficial properties for treating lung and bone problems.     

Serpentine - Attraction Stone

Serpentine is a very versatile stone that guides our intuition to good things. In addition to attracting love and money, it is a very powerful stone for meditation. It helps to create a vacuum to reach a deep level of inner peace. On a physical level, serpentine would have positive effects to relieve menstrual cramps. It would also be beneficial against diabetes and to counter parasites.

Sodalite - Concentration stone

Sodalite is a stone used to rationally stimulate the brain. Stone of logic, it allows a control of our fears and our feelings to channel and prioritize our reflections. Sodalite is also a stone of open-mindedness at all levels and promotes group communication. At night, it gives us peaceful sleep and is likely to bring us premonitory dreams. On the physical level, sodalitis would have beneficial effects on hypertension as well as on sore throats, sinusitis and bronchitis.

Unakite - Unification stone

Unakite is unifying: it helps to unite what has long been separated. Otherwise, it allows us to step back to accept things as they are. Having soothing properties, unakite helps us to overcome our fears, to face them more easily. On the physical level, it is attributed properties related to digestion and weight loss. It would also regulate the activities of the urinary system.

General properties of stones

The information presented by Rachel & Co. is for entertainment purposes only. The properties identified represent a sharing of all the cultural beliefs of traditional societies towards lithotherapy. In any case, the information presented should not compensate for the medical opinion of a health professional.