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Rachel & Co.

Each of our Malas, bracelets and accessories is handcrafted here in Canada which makes each of our creations unique. We only use quality stones and accessories.

Rachel & Co. is the fruit of a craftswoman and her team that surrounds her. It all started with simple curiosity. Everything then turned into a real passion for the spiritual and creative aspect linked to the ownership of stones. Rachel & Co. is a combination of what we represent and what we aspire to.


Rachel & Co. can customize or create a custom mala or bracelet-mala subject to availability. Additional fees may be required. Please contact us to let us know your needs.


Free in Canada with any purchase of $ 99 or more .

For orders of $ 99 or less, a flat rate of $ 5 per delivery will apply. The manufacturing and delivery time is 7 working days for most regions in Canada. We also offer optional priority delivery options.  


Delivery to the United States and Europe is also offered.   A fee of $ 19 CAD is required. The manufacturing and delivery time is 9 to 14 working days.

Caring for your mala

To preserve the beauty of your stones, it is important to follow some simple maintenance instructions. Avoid contact of your stones with makeup, perfumes and creams. Never expose your stones to chlorine, salt water and chemicals.   Over time, some stones may darken slightly due to friction. A soft cloth soaked in slightly soapy water is enough to remove these traces.  


Rachel & Co. prides itself on the quality of its products. We guarantee the authenticity of each of the stones that make up our products. We will be happy to repair or exchange any defective product within the 1 st year from the date of purchase of a mala and within 3 months for a mala bracelet. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear of the product or the consequences of improper use of the product.


Rachel & Co.
1414 ch. Sainte-Marie, Lac-Aux-Sables
Quebec, Canada, G0X 1M0
Telephone: 514-293-4976