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8 mm bracelet and golden inserts.

Howlite - Unperturbable stone

It is an extremely calming and imperturbable stone. In a crowded environment, the howlite absorbs anger, either that of its wearer or that directed against the latter. It acts on mood swings and gets rid of all nervous tension and daily stress. It would alleviate hypersensitivity and depression. On the physical level, the howlite would facilitate weight loss during dieting and act against hot flashes.

Agate - stone of insurance

Agate is a stone that brings emotional balance. Gently, it gives us confidence and helps us to accept ourselves as we are. Very soothing, it harmonizes yin and yang. On the physical level, it promotes digestion and speech. It also acts on small eye concerns and strengthens the lungs, stomach and faith.

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