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8mm bracelet adorned with a beautiful Amazonite stone.

Amazonite - Soothing stone

Amazonite is a very soothing stone that promotes the feeling of happiness. It acts on negative thoughts by allowing us to see things from a different angle. It helps us to spontaneously experience the moment and to put into perspective what really matters. Close to turquoise, but with a more tenderness-oriented action, Amazonite calms the heart and encourages harmonious communication. It is the peace stone par excellence. On the physical level, amazonite has a favorable effect on the nervous system and acts on tensions due to stress.

Fossil - Stone of Opportunity

The fossil is made up of shell fragments that have decomposed over millennia to become stone. They are fossilized living beings. The fossil is a stone used to reach the depths of the soul and its ancient memories. It tends to promote success in the business field by allowing a new look at the opportunities available to its wearer. Finally, the fossil promotes imagination and the ability to adapt to change. On the physical level, it has a positive impact on everything related to the evacuation of liquids, therefore the kidneys and the bladder.

Jasper Impression - Healing Stone

Powerful emotional healing stone, the impression jasper soothes emotional shocks by restoring stability and confidence to its wearer. It transforms negative energies in its environment to stimulate love and compassion around it. Spreading calm and tranquility around him, the impression jasper is particularly effective in countering stress.

Bois de Merenti - Brings anchors

Merenti wood comes from Asia, more precisely from Malaysia and Indonesia. It is frequently used as part of meditation. Like all wood species, it allows us to stay with our feet on the ground and stay focused on our priorities.