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8 mm bracelet and its Buddha insertion.

Onyx - Vigor stone

Onyx is used to repel negative feelings, to increase self-confidence and to give strength to face the most difficult stages of life. The onyx increases vigor, resistance and control of one's feelings. For many, it also purifies karma by erasing decisions from the past or past lives. On the physical level, onyx is attributed with positive virtues on the five senses and more precisely on speech and hearing problems such as balance and tinnitus. Placing Onyx on a pregnant woman's stomach would reduce her pain during pregnancy and childbirth.

Agate - stone of insurance

Agate is a stone that brings emotional balance. Gently, it gives us confidence and helps us to accept ourselves as we are. Very soothing, it harmonizes yin and yang. On the physical level, it promotes digestion and speech. It also acts on small eye concerns and strengthens the lungs, stomach and faith.

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