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8mm bracelet with stainless steel insert and lotus.

Rose Quartz - Stone of Love

It is none other than the stone of the heart and of love. Rose quartz continuously propagates its sweetness in its environment. Real balm for the heart during emotional wounds, it brings calm and fullness to allow a better understanding of the situation, greater compassion and an aptitude for forgiveness. It facilitates self-confidence to exteriorize more easily and more clearly his feelings. Placed on your bedside table while you sleep, rose quartz will also bring you quality sleep by warding off nightmares and restless nights. On the physical level, rose quartz would relieve burns, promote wound healing and be beneficial to the kidneys and the circulatory system.

Amazonite - Soothing stone

Amazonite is a very soothing stone that promotes the feeling of happiness. It acts on negative thoughts by allowing us to see things from a different angle. It helps us to spontaneously experience the moment and to put into perspective what really matters. Close to turquoise, but with a more tenderness-oriented action, Amazonite calms the heart and encourages harmonious communication. It is the peace stone par excellence. On the physical level, amazonite has a favorable effect on the nervous system and acts on tensions due to stress.